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Fancy being turned into the hottest domestic goddess? then let AmberTranny help you with your ways. AmberrTranny describes herself as the best latin tranny lover you will ever have and will help make all those kinky fetishes and fantasies become a reality.


AmberrTrannys wild shows consist of maid traning, crossdressing, transvestite and jerking off, Be prepared to blow your load with this horny kinky tranny slut. Join her for a one on one now.

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ashleyts8in has always wondered what it would be like to serve a master or even a mistress and is looking for pro dommes to come and join her in her chat room and teach her all about maid training. ashleyts8in wants to serve and submit to you and hopes you train her into your perfect maid and you dont have to lift a finger.


If ashleyts8in doesnt do what shes told then she wants you to punish and humiliate her. Sound good? Then join ashleyts8in for a private one on one now.

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Horny COCKLOVERpinky is a new tranny slut on the scene and is keen on making men and women satisfied. COCKLOVERpinky has watched many of his tranny and shenake friends become fully trained maids with the help of masters and mistresses and is now hoping you can train her up too.


Make this slut earn her stars and put her through her paces. Shes available every night of the week and is looking forward to starting her maid training.

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hotmonik4u is a strict bitch whos on the look out for transvestites who are looking to indulge in maid training. She is available every evening and is always on hand to make your fetishes cum true as well as dishing out severe punishments.


hotmonik4u's slave training is very intense and aswell as cleaning up what she tells you, you also have to work on her cleaning up her own mess! Join her for a private session now.

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Karera is a gorgeous 18 year old shemale who is looking for her own shemale mistress to teach her the ropes. She is looking for a mistress who can provide a good bondage session, toy play and maid tranining. She is willing to do what ever it takes to be your own personal slave and to submit to your every need.


If Karera is exactly what you are looking for then why not pop into her room now and get to know each other a little bit better?

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OneSweetyTrans is looking for her own sissyboys for maid training and is preferbly seeking new sissies on the scene who she can mould into her perfect maid and not forgetting sissy slut. OneSweetyTrans has many years practice and is one of the best tranny mistresses around.


Come say hi, get to know each other and if you hit it off then let this tranny stunner be your one and only mistress. Catch her online today.

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XxTSsassyGirlxX is a new transgender cam model who is looking for hot cam to cam sex and is looking to train up sissies to become her very own trained maid she can boss around and have her wicked filthy ways with. XxTSsassyGirlxX might look like butter wouldnt melt but when her domme side comes out she is very strict indeed.


Live shows with XxTSsassyGirlxX include BDSM, bondage, jerking off and lots more.

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Tsslave4u is the ideal candidate for maid training. This sexy slave loves worshipping her mistresses and masters and always does as she's told and if she doesnt do what she needs to then she gets that cute butt spanked.


If you like the look of this slutty slave and want to train her as your maid then head on into her room now she's waiting to become your slave for the night.

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